“Technology is changing the way we live and work… currently the majority of the planet has no access to IoT.
Our mission is to fix that.

Sheila Christiansen – Chief Visionary Officer and Co-Founder

Twenty-first century organizations need real-time data and seamless connectivity to operate efficiently and deliver products and services effectively.

Technology presents a huge opportunity to improve the lives of people, transform the way we do business and create a sustainable future for our planet. However, the lack of knowledge, expertise, and skills are holding back progress while poor connectivity, many competeting standards and limited coverage are excluding many parts of society and business around the globe due to complexity and cost.


We work with organizations to improve awareness, develop the skills and advise on solutions through education, consultancy and technology development – enabling organizations, communities and people to release the exciting potential and opportunities presented by IoT so they can fully participate in what has been called ‘the Fourth Industrial Revolution.’

Who we are

We are a US & European-based company with global reach and universal presence. Our organization operates across Europe, South Africa and the UAE with people on every continent on the planet – and plans to extend this even further in the future! 

We are a team of highly experienced engineers and scientists passionate about utlizing technology to solve the many challenges we face in the 21st century. We are rooted in the space technology industry having worked in the sector for many years and as founders of SpaceTech denMACH, a Danish start-up backed by the ESA. We don’t only know our stuff, we love it!- seeing huge potential in IoT and cutting edge technologies and are driven to engage with organisations, business, communities and the next generation to enable wider IoT adoption.

Sheila Christiansen

Chief Visionary Officer
Aka ‘Flight’ 

Sheila is a visionary, scientist and space systems engineer working at the intersection of IoT and satellite communications. She is passionate about making technology accessible and using IoT to benefit people, communities and the planet as a whole. As ‘Flight’ she directs the overall development of the SHEILEX organization and its relationship with the wider space community.

Alexandru Csete

Chief Technical Officer
Aka ‘FIDO’

Alex is an experienced and innovative Space Systems Engineer with an impressive track record of working in the aviation and aerospace industry. Widely respected by his peers, he is highly skilled in systems and software engineering, satellite communications, software defined radios, and embedded systems. He developed Gpredict satellite tracking software used by, among others, NASA. His role as FIDO at SHEILEX is focused on ensuring all our technology and systems are integrated, robust and future-proof.

Nathan E Browne

Chief Strategy Officer

Nathan is an innovative, strategic business leader with extensive experience across multi-national organizations, corporates and start-ups. Often operating in emerging sectors, he has a deep understanding of how new technology impacts on the future trajectory of organizations. His role at SHEILEX is navigating the business through new and complex markets, exploring new trends and bringing his strategic rigour and commercial acumen to ensure the achievement of its long-term objectives.

Our commitment

The modern organization has sustainability and social responsibility at its core. At SHEILEX we are dedicated to driving a pro-active ESG strategy and align with our clients’ aspirations towards being socially and environmentally responsible – supporting their journey towards these goals.

We collaborate with the UN on all 17 SDGs

Work closely with UNOOSA to promote STEM educational initiatives and ‘Space for Women’

Supporting environmental projects around the globe to bring about change for good